Hyenas Cup Finals

4th Thames Valley Cup Finals

The Hyenas finnish 4th overall…

Losing to the London Bulldogs in the Thames Valley Cup Semi Finals, the Bulldogs went on to win the tournament unbeaten, while the hyenas went on to play the Romford tornados in the 3rd place playoff.They were beaten by a very Strong Romford Tornados 6-3, although the hyenas were missing players they played well with a good heads-up display; making Romford skate from the off with simple puck movement, strong forechecking and positional play.
Even after the departure of their defender Simon DaCosta, '3 game ban for fighting' they were able to put their hockey heads on and play with intelligence.
The Hyenas have earnt themselves 4th place in the Thames Valley Cup finals.
They went in as underdogs and have earnt self pride and experience.

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