Swindon Refest Tournament 2012

Swindon Refest Tournament 2012

This years summer Recfest Tournament was held on the 18th - 19th August and featured teams from as far as cleveland and sheffield. The hyenas entered this years Summer Recfest Tournament without expectation, but it was clear from game one that they had a real shout at a title.
The games consisted of 3 groups of 5 teams. Saturday was the preliminary round to determine which league tier you would enter on Sunday. The games were 15 minutes running clock.

Nationwide Knights
Basingstoke Cougars
Royal Navy
Altrincham Mustangs
Peterborough Preditors
Milton Keynes Jesters
Swindon Wildcats
Sheffield Squeelers
Medway Madness
Swindon Panthers
Milton Keynes Hurricanes
Cleveland Comets
Streatham Nightwolves
Basingtstoke Hyenas
Westminster Statesmen

After the first days qualification rounds the Hyenas finished 2nd in Group C which earnt them a place in division 2. The Hyenas could have made it to division 1 but the Champions 'Milton Keynes Hurricanes' unfotunatly sealed the Hyenas fate. The Hurricanes wrote this game report

Game Four Vs Basingstoke Hyenas
As the final team to play in our group Canes would need to score in excess of 4 goals to top the group. Going into the game with confidence Canes looked to set the tone early, however Hyenas had other ideas. Another physical team made it hard work for Canes to penetrate from the slot. Canes had the better possession early on and took advantage taking the lead. It wasn’t long before another one was added, but as Canes looked comfortable the Hyenas found another gear and took advantage of a tired looking Canes side. Canes clung on for the win satisfied they had done enough to qualify for the championship group on Sunday
Final Score: Canes 2 – 0 Hyenas

The Hyenas made it to 2nd place in division 2 by beating the Cougars in the basingstoke derby, a very intense and quick game which was won 3 seconds from the buzzer by a sweetly deflected slap shot from the blue line.

Heres how the tournament ended

Championship Winners – Milton Keynes Hurricanes

Championship Runners Up – Nationwide Knights


Plate Winners – Sheffield Squeelers

Plate Runners Up – Basingstoke Hyenas


Cup Winners – Royal Navy

Cup Runners Up – Medway Madness

Forward Of The Tournament – Mark Freitag (Westminster Statesmen)
Defender Of The Tournament – #59 (Streatham Night Wolves)
Goalkeeper Of The Tournament – John Egginton (Sheffield Squeelers)
Spirit Of The Game – Streatham Night Wolves

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