Misted Ice

Saturdays Plate Final Safety Conncerns

The Hyenas are playing the SD Plate Final this saturday, however concerns have been raised over safety, since the rink mists up far to much.

Following on from recent concerns of customers and ice users, Basingstoke Ice rink can confirm they are currently undergoing extensive work as recommended by Peter Brett Surveyors to ensure the community can continue to engage with the building into the near future. One of their recommendations has been to close the south seating block. We do understand this will have an effect on the family of Ice Hockey fans for next season, but no adverse changes for the figure skating and recreational skating community, where it will be business as usual. All work currently being carried out will be finished before the start of the Ice hockey season.

Going forward Peter Brett surveyors have made a number of recommendations and currently there are two options to be considered. 1) Close the facility in April and venture sufficient work to ensure the existing facility can continue to deliver until a new provision is built 2) Large refit of existing facility only.

Planet Ice spokesperson has commented ‘it is difficult for the local ice hockey and figure skating community to understand, but this problem has not occurred overnight, nor within the last year. The building has had known infrastructure issues for over 20 years and certainly prior to the takeover by Planet Ice. We are working with council officials and expert consultants to ensure that the decisions we make now, on the future of the facility will be the best not just for the immediate future, but also long term. We are not shy of investment and our facility in Gosport will be re-opening this Friday after closure for an overdue re-vamp’.

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