Woolford Pearce retire

Sad Departures

It is sad to announce that Long serving Hyenas Will Pearce and Graham Woolford have finally hung up their skates. It is impossible to list the amount of service and sacrifice these two 'young' men have given to the club on and off the ice. The whole team has enjoyed their company whether it be in the bar or in the crease. The Hyenas salute these two players and will miss them dearly.
Their Career playing totals were very equal, almost symbiotic, see below.

#73 Graham Woolford


#6 Will Pearce

  played assists goals penalty minutes
Career Total 60 13 5 42
hang skates
  played assists goals penalty minutes
Career Total 51 10 4 48

Another sad departure to announce is that of Rik Dedman, who left around the same time. Rik was a great goalie for the team and always was up for a laugh especially with certain referees (Perring). Rik has recently gone to play for another recreational team, so I'm sure we'll all see him again soon. He was a great person to talk with, but perhaps not if you were a D man during a game. He took his role seriously, as he never wanted to concede a goal, and was always ready to voice his opinion no matter what trouble he'd get into (from either the referees or the opposition).
He was a great friend, and I'm sure he will be missed by the team.

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