Swindon Knights 20year Tournament


Knights International Tournament

It seems like an age since the Hyenas played in the last knights tournament and after having so much fun always wondered how it could be any better organised, but this years tournament was absolutely flawless, The Knights were excellent hosts and put on a great show.
The Hyenas focused on bettering their last place position from the previous tournament and when they saw the competing teams it was obvious it would take more than just skill and fitness to give the other competitors a good game,. However it turned out the Hyenas were able to keep up with the pace and even win a couple of games.
With key players missing 'Luke DaCosta, Simon DaCosta, Ed Carson, Vas Stefanopoulos and Ivo Buchlokskly' it was evident that the whole team would have to put in 150% effort.
The first game against the Westminster Statesmen was out of the frying pan and into the fire, Hyenas were out classed and out skated. The second game was a win 3-0 versus belfast.
The most surprising result was against 'HC Great Jamsa - Finland' where the Hyenas held a 2-1 defeat despite spending much of the game on Penalty kills, HC Great had been scoring 4 goals past almost all the teams.
Even after a skin full of sambucca at the player party they still managed to make the first game sunday morning (well almost all of them) and back check Paisley Blackawks, even though the captain had to go and ride the vomit comet.
As the hangovers began to wear off the games got a little more competitive with a 1-0 loss to cardiff and a great 2-1 loss to the knights, and finished with a 2-0 loss to a strong German team RSC.
The 7th place playoff was very unexpected, belfast came at Hyenas with guile and most of the game was spent back checking, both teams gave everything to avoid the wooden spoon, The Hyenas ended the game with the only goal but it really could have been Belfast.
Thanks to the Nationwide Knights for a great Hockey weekend

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