Charity Game V's Basingstoke Bison Ladies

The basingstoke hyenas Game on the 7th June against a bunch of girls! EASY eh! Remember nothing serious just a bit of fun and the chance to get some more ice time, think it will be a good laugh, good opportunity for some of the newer guys to get some game time as well!
6pm in the Aquadrome, or the ice rink, whichever has more ice on the day...Put your names down so Boney can make a list of who is available, from what I have gathered we are gonna try and let people play this one so if you're free put ya name down, especially if you have in some way been hit or coached by Dave Murray or even those of you who have just given him some verbal abuse or just sat in the corner sniggering as the big angry scottish version of the incredible hulk lumbers up and down the ice.

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