Southern Conference 2015
This past weekend saw an impressive title win.
With the Hyenas managing to overcome a weakened RAF BlueWings side.
The BlueWings had managed successive wins over the Hyenas in the group stages of the Southern Conference.
But when it came to the final game they didn’t quite have the edge, icing only six player and a loaned netminder.
However, despite the numerical difference in players, the game had many moments where the game could have swayed either way.
Had it not been for some terrific goaltending from Chris Hammersley in the first two periods and then Josh Gebbie in the third, the Basingstoke Hyenas could easily have been trailing at moments in the game.
But, as well as the brick walls put in the Hyenas goals, there was some superb attacking play coming from the first and second line.
With the second line racking up a large number of goals.
As Luke DaCosta scored: 3; while Claude Matons netted: 5; and Gavin Freed converting: 1.
While Ben Allum also converted 2 goals himself.
However, despite the great goaltending in the Hyenas net, the RAF BlueWings managed to find three ways of scoring on the Basingstoke Hyenas.
With Adam Rosbottom scoring twice and James Tabern scoring the other.
In the end, the game finished with the Basingstoke Hyenas scoring 11 and the RAF BlueWings scoring 3.

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