Bournemouth Stags

80's Revival Game

The Hyenas have accepted a friendly challenge game from an old British League Division 1 team the Bournemouth Stags, The stags last game was back in 1986 due to the closure of there home ice at westover road. Players from this team went on to play in the elite league when the club was closed. Players like Daryl Lipsey who was a canadian international who played at swindon wild cats and manchester storm. Also Don Yewchin the founder of the Basingstoke Bison started his career at Bournemouth. The game should be a lot of fun and a chance to see some rusty blades and big hits, we are sure that these stags wont be worrying to much about non-checking. The game starts at 23:45 so if you have nothing on pop down and give some support.

Face off is @23:45pm Friday 28th February at the Planet Ice Silverdome Basingstoke

Stags Lineup

Left Wing

L. Clarke
M. Peters
M. Wynn

Right Wing

L. Chamberlain
P. Roocroft
L. Dacosta


D. Ball
M. Butcher
T. Smith


T. Chamberlain
H. Haigh
S. Heaseman
O. Tyson
G. Weldon
S. DaCosta

Net Minders

C. Mariner
M. Spicer

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