The Access Group Challenge Cup

The Basingstoke Hyenas have been given a place in this year’s Access Group Challenge Cup.

The competition starts on the 1st of December 2016 and contains five other teams.

A full lineup for this season’s competition is: Basingstoke Hyenas, Chelmsford Mischiefs, Coventry Cobras, Milton Keynes Bolts, Oxford Bulls and the Telford Spartans.

It will run until the 31st of August 2017, with teams playing both home and away legs.

On offer are two prizes, one for amounting the most points overall and the other is for winning the playoff segment that will happen at the end of the season.

With the Basingstoke Hyenas coming off the back of last seasons success, some seem to be expecting the team to challenge for silverware again this season.

But, with this season being focused on developing player’s and their ability.

This means that the team’s coaching staff have opted to go back to the point season that has been used in previous seasons.

The idea of this is to give everyone the opportunity to play as many games as possible throughout the year.

One major difference to this season though, is that the point system has been changed slightly.

One point is still awarded for turning up to training (on time) and playing in home games. Two points are awarded to those playing an away game.

Where as, you are now awarded three points for helping at a home game, and four for helping at an away game.

And, if you turn up late to a training session you will only receive half a point for the first time, and zero if you are then consecutively late for following sessions.

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