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The results of the 2009 Player Awards

The annual player awards took place on 16th Jan. It was a really good turn out with many people making the effort. The atmostphere was great and the food plentiful. Unfortunate news came from Simon Ruszala he announced he will be moving to Bristol in the near future and thus will be leaving the team. He gave a really nice thank you to both Iain and James, for all there hard work and time coaching during his time with the club. He will missed but we wish him goodluck and look forward to fixtures against Ruszala and his new Bristol team in the future - watch this space.

The Awards

Players Player Ian Fenton
Best Forward Luke DaCosta
Best Defender Graham Woolford
Most Goals Stefan Landin
Most Assists Stefan Landin
Coaches Player Simon Ruszala
Captains Player James Bone
Most Improved Matt Lofthouse

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